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Periodical Article Microdata Properties

Subcategory of Periodical

Property Element Type Description
pr_ar_author span Person Author of periodical article
pr_ar_title span Title Title of periodcial article
pr_ar_is_part_of cite Title Title of containing periodical
pr_ar_enum_volume span Enum Enumeration of containing periodical: volume
pr_ar_enum_number span Enum Enumeration of containing periodical: number
pr_ar_chronology time Chron Chronology of containing periodical
pr_ar_page_start span Cnum Start page of periodical article. Page numbers are always given in full, e.g. 213-227
pr_ar_page_end span Cnum End page of periodical article. Page numbers are always given in full, e.g. 213-227
pr_ar_abstract span Text Abstract of periodical article


Does not include abbreviation markup; see here for more information

Property: Markup:
(Periodical Article) <li itemscope itemtype="https://purl.org/tbs/periodical_article">
pr_ar_author <span itemprop="pr_ar_author" title="Article Author">[article author]</span>.
pr_ar_title <span itemprop="pr_ar_title" title="Article Title">"[article title]"</span>.
pr_ar_is_part_of <cite itemprop="pr_ar_is_part_of" title="Periodical Title">[periodical title]</cite>.
pr_ar_enum_volume <span itemprop="pr_ar_enum_volume" title="Volume">[volume]</span>:
pr_ar_enum_number <time itemprop="pr_ar_enum_number" title="Number">[number]</time>.
pr_ar_enum_chronology <time itemprop="pr_ar_enum_chronology" title="Issue Date" datetime="">[date published]</time>.
pr_ar_page_start <span itemprop="pr_ar_page_start" title="Start Page">[start page]</span>.
pr_ar_page_end <span itemprop="pr_ar_page_end" title="End Page">[end page]</span>.
pr_ar_abstract <span itemprop="pr_ar_abstract" title="Abstract">[article abstract]</span>.


With markup


Without markup