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Book Microdata Properties

Primary Properties
Property Element Type Description
bk_author span Person Book author[s] as listed on title page or in source
bk_title cite Title Book title as listed on title page or in source
bk_publisher span Publisher Book publisher as listed on title or copyright page or in source
bk_year_published time Year Year of book publication as listed on title or copyright page or in source; alternately, copyright year
Secondary Properties
Property Element Type Description
bk_editor span Person Name of book editor; may be primary or secondary property
bk_series_title span Text Name of series in which book appears, in sentence case
bk_abridgement span Person Name of person who abridged book
bk_compiler span Person Name of person who compiled book
bk_foreword span Person Name of person who authored foreword
bk_illustrator span Person Name of person who illustrated book
bk_introduction span Person Name of person who authored book introduction
bk_preface span Person Name of person who authored book preface
bk_translator span Person Name of person who translated book
bk_contributor span Person Name of book contributor not covered by above categories
bk_number_of_volumes span Cnum Number of volumes in multi-volume work
bk_volume span Cnum Volume of book when only one volume is referenced. Always use digital values; e.g., for "IV" use "4".
bk_edition span Edition Edition of a multi-edition work
bk_format span Format Physical format of book
bk_annotation span Text Book annotation


Does not include abbreviation markup; see here for more information

Property: Markup:
(Book) <li itemscope itemtype="https://purl.org/tbs/book">
bk_author. <span itemprop="bk_author" title="Author">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>.
bk_title. <cite itemprop="bk_title" title="Book Title">[book_title]</cite>.
bk_series_title. (<span itemprop="bk_series_title" title="Series Title">[series]</span>).
bk_editor. <span itemprop="bk_editor" title="Editor">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: ed(s).
bk_abridgement <span itemprop="bk_abridgement" title="Abridgement">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: abr.
bk_compiler <span itemprop="bk_compiler" title="Compiler">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: comp.
bk_foreword <span itemprop="bk_foreword" title="Foreword">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: fwd.
bk_illustrator. <span itemprop="bk_illustrator" title="Illustrator">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: illus.
bk_introduction <span itemprop="bk_introduction" title="Introduction">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: intro.
bk_preface <span itemprop="bk_preface" title="Preface">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: pref.
bk_translator. <span itemprop="bk_translator" title="Translator">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: trans.
bk_contributor. <span itemprop="bk_contributor" title="Contributor">[lastname, firstname{ && lastname, firstname}{...}]</span>: [contribution].
bk_edition. <span itemprop="bk_edition" title="Edition">[edition]</span>{ edn}.
bk_number_of_volumes. <span itemprop="bk_number_of_volumes" title="Volumes">[number_of_volumes]</span>.
bk_volume. <abbr title="volume">Vol</abbr>. <span itemprop="bk_volume" title="Volume">[volume]</span>.
bk_publisher, <span itemprop="bk_publisher" title="Publisher">[publisher]</span>,
bk_year_published. <time itemprop="bk_year_published" title="Year Published">[year_of_publication]</time>
bk_format <span itemprop="bk_format" title="Format">[book format]</span>.
bk_annotation. <span itemprop="bk_annotation" title="Annotation">[annotation]</span>.


With markup


Without markup