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The March, April, May, and June 1918 issues of Little Review had numbering errors. They should have been numbered vol. IV no. 11, vol. IV no. 12, vol. V no. 1, and vol. V no. 2, respectively. Instead the first two were numbered vol. V, and the last two were numbered vol. VI. The numbering was corrected in the July 1918 issue, which was numbered vol V no 3. In The Personal Library of James Joyce Thomas Connolly reported the numberings as they appeared in the issues. Below I have indicated the incorrect numberings with strikethrough text (using the <del> tag), while the corrected numberings are underlined (using the <ins> tag). My source for the corrections is here.

  1. The Adelphi. IV.10 (Apr. 1927).
    Anonymous praise for Wyndham Lewis's treatment of Ulysses in The Enemy, p. 609.
  2. Afsana. I.1 (Apr. 1933).
    James Joyce, "The Boarding House" [in Urdu], pp. 13+.
  3. The Author Playwright and Composer. XLIV.3 (Spring 1934).
    E. M. Forster, "The Censor Again?", pp. 78-79.
  4. The Author Playwright and Composer. XLIV.4 (Summer 1934).
    "Literature and Pornography", pp. 110-111.
    John Pollock, "Ulysses and the Censorship", pp. 115-117.
    Margaret M. Brash, "The Censor Again?", p. 131.
    [Three letters to the editor.]
  5. The Author Playwright and Composer. XLV.1 (Autumn 1934).
    E. O. Carolin de Robeck, "The Censor Again?", p. 21.
    Patrick Carleton, "The Censor Again?", p. 21.
    Charles Gower, "The Censor Again?", pp. 21-22.
    [Three letters in response to E. M. Forster's letter in item 321.]
    Beatrice Marshall, "The Nazi Purging of Literature", p. 22.
  6. The Author Playwright and Composer. XLV.4 (Summer 1935).
    L. A. G. Strong, "The Novel: Assurances and Perplexities", pp. 112-115.
  7. Bifur. 3 (Sept. 1929).
    James Joyce, "Poëmes d'api", trans. Auguste Morel, pp. 27-32.
  8. The Bookman. LXXXV.506 (Nov. 1933).
    Francis Watson, "A Portrait of the Artist in Maturity", pp. 102-103.
  9. The Bookseller. 1614 (Nov. 4 1936).
    [Announcement of first English ed. of Ulysses], p. 540.
  10. The Bookseller and Print Dealers Weekly. III.140 (May 30 1929).
    "Prohibitions", pp.631-33.
  11. Broom. III.2 (Sept. 1922).
    Matthew Josephson, "1001 Nights in a Bar-Room, or the Irish Odysseus", pp. 146-150.
  12. The Calendar. III.4 (Jan. 1927).
    Bertram Higgins, Notes and Reviews", pp. 240-42.
  13. Il Convegno. I.3 (Apr. 1920).
    James Joyce, "Esuli" [first act of Exiles], trans. C[arlo] L[inati], pp. 27-52.
  14. Il Convegno. I.5 (June 1920).
    James Joyce, "Esuli" [third act of Exiles], trans. Carlo Linati, pp. 22-37.
    Two copies of this issue.
  15. Il Convegno. VII.11-12 (Nov. 25-Dec. 25 1926).
    James Joyce, "Prime versioni Italiene dall 'Ulysses'", trans. Carlo Linati, pp. 813-828.
    James Joyce, [facsimile of letter to Carlo Linati dated Nov. 19 1919].
  16. Il Convegno. X.5 (May 23 1929).
    James Joyce, "Un caso pictoso", trans. Nina Ruffini, pp. 258-67.
  17. The Criterion. XII.47 (Jan. 1933).
    James Joyce, "Ecce Puer", p. 184.
  18. Critique. IV.26 (July 1948).
    Eugene Jolas, "Elucidation du monomythe de James Joyce: l'explication de 'Finnegans Wake'" [review of A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake by Campbell and Robinson], pp.579-95.
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    Scofield Thayer, "James Joyce", pp. 201-03.
  20. The Dial. LXXII.6 (June 1922).
    John Eglinton, "Dublin Letter", pp. 619-22.
    Stewart Davis, [pen and ink sketch of Joyce].
    Ezra Pound, "Paris Letter", pp. 623-29.
    "Comment", pp. 662-63.
  21. The Dial. LXXV.1 (July 1923).
    David Garnett, "Jacob's Room" [review of Jacob's Room in which Garnett discusses Ulysses], pp. 83-86.
  22. The Dial. LXXVII.5 (Nov. 1924).
    Edmund Wilson, "An Introduction to Joyce" [review of Gorman's James Joyce: His First Forty Years], pp. 430-35.
    Two copies of this issue.
  23. The Dial. LXXXVI.5 (May 1929).
    John Eglington, "Irish Letter", pp. 417-20.
  24. The Dublin Magazine. VI.2 (New Series) (Apr.-June 1931).
    "Book Reviews" [review of Gilbert's James Joyce's Ulysses], pp. 64-65.
  25. The Dublin Magazine. VI.3 (July-Sept. 1931).
    Padraic Colum, "From a Work in Progress", pp. 33-37.
  26. The Dublin Magazine. VII.2 (New Series) (Apr.-June 1931).
    Padraic Colum, "Portrait of James Joyce", pp. 40-48.
  27. The Dublin Magazine. IX.1 (New Series) (Jan.-Mar. 1934).
    Alec Brown, "Joyce's Ulysses and the Novel", pp. 41-50.
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    Harald Theile, "credo des Ausgestossenheit zu James Joyces 'Ulysses'", pp. 70-78.
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    Diego Angeli, "Extract from 'Il Marzocco' Florence, August 12, 1917" [English trans. of Italian article on A Portrait of the Artist], p. 10.
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    C. G. Jung, "Ulysses: ein Monolog", pp. 547-68.
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    "[Note] pour l'Ulysses de James Joyce", p. 128.
  32. XVe Congrès international de la fédération P. E. N.. 20-27 (June 1937).
    "Communication de M. James Joyce sur le droit moral des écrivains", p. 14.
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    Henri Fluchere, "Ulysse", pp. 1-6.
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    "'Ulysses' Protest", p. 173.
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    "Carteggio inedito Italo Svevo–James Joyce con 'un introduzione di Harry Levin", pp. 106-38 [English and Italian in parallel columns].
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    "Notes and Comments", pp. 611-14.
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    S. S. B., "What Joyce Is Up Against" [letter], p. 54.
    J. H., [answer to above letter by staff member Jane Heap], p. 34.
    R. McM., "James Joyce" [letter], pp. 55-56.
    J.H., [answer to above letter], p. 56.
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    Frank Stuhlman, [letter], p. 64.
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    Marsden Hartley, [letter], pp. 59-62.
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    Orrick Johns, [letter], p. 63.
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    J. H., [answer], p. 49.
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  55. The Little Review. VI.3 (July 1919).
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