James Joyce's Personal Library: Books


  1. Abril, Xavier. Descubrimiento. Ediciones Front, .
  2. Ackermann, Walter. Bordbuch eines Verkehrsfliegers. Fretz & Wasmuth Verlag, nd.
  3. Adams, Edward C. L. Congaree Sketches: Scenes from Negro Life in the Swamps of the Congaree and Tales of Tad and Scip of Heaven and Hell with Other Miscellany. Green, Paul: intro. U of North Carolina P, .
  4. A. E. [George William Russell]. The Living Torch. Gibbon, Monk: ed. Macmillan, nd. Intro. dated 1937.
  5. Aesop's Fables. Jones, V. S. Vernon: trans. Heinemann, .
  6. Aldington, Richard. Collected Poems. Covici Friede, .
  7. Aldington, Richard. Death of a Hero: A Novel. Chatto & Windus, .
  8. Aldington, Richard. The Eaten Heart. Hours, .
  9. Aldington, Richard. Fifty Romance Lyric Poems: Now Collected and Translated. Crosby Gaige, .
  10. [Anderson, Hans Christian]. Une mere conte de Hans Christian Anderson en vingt-deux langues. Hansen, P. E.: ed. Nicolaieff, .
  11. Anderson, Margaret. My Thirty Year's War: An Autobiography. Covici Friede, .
  12. Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. Book League of America, .
  13. Austen, Jane. Sense and Sensibility. Nelson, nd.


  1. Barrie, James M. Ibsen's Ghost. Corvinus, .
  2. Bartlett, John. Familiar Quotations. Little, .
  3. Beauduin, Nicolas. Pacase, la fille au singe et les trois compagnons. Vie des Lettres, nd.
  4. Beauduin, Nicolas. Santa Venezia. Trident, .
  5. Beckett, Samuel. More Pricks Than Kicks. Chattos, .
  6. Beerbohm, Max. Herbert Beerbohm Tree. Hutchison, nd.
  7. Bell, David Charles && Bell, Alexander Melville. Bell's Standard Elocutionist. Hodder, nd. Note to new ed. dated 1892.
  8. Beran, Felix. Gedichte. Rhein, .
  9. Berard, Victor. La resurrection d'Homere au temps des beros. Grasset, .
  10. Bett, Henry. Nursery Rhymes and Tales: Their Origin and History. Methuen, .
  11. Beverland, Adrian [Hadriani Beverlandi]. The Law Concerning Draped Virginity: An Academical Study, Translated for the First Time and Philological, and Other Explanatory Notes. Carrington, .
  12. Bloch, Jean-Richard. Jean-Richard Bloch & Co. Scott-Moncrieff, C. K.: trans. Simon, .
  13. Bontempelli, Massimo. Eva Ultima. Mondadori, .
  14. Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England. Collins, nd.
  15. A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear with Struwwelpeter and Other Absurdities by Various Authors. Dent, nd.
  16. Boscowitz, Arnold. Les fleaux. Ducrocq, nd.
  17. Bourgault-Ducoudray. Trente melodies populaires de Grece & d'Orient. Lemoine, nd.
  18. Boyle, Kay. Short Stories. Black Sun, .
  19. Bridges, Robert. The Testament of Beauty. Clarendon, .
  20. Broch, Herman. James Joyce und die Gegenwart: Rede gehalten in der Volkshochschule Wien zu Joyces 50 Geburtstag . nd.
  21. Bruni, Alessandro Francini. Joyce intimo spogliato in piazza (un' indiavolata caricatura dello scrittore irlandese). Libraria, .
  22. Buck, Mitchell S. Ephemera: Greek Prose Poems. Brown, .
  23. Budgen, Frank. James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses. Grayson, .
  24. Budgen, Frank. James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses. Smith, .
  25. Burnand, F. C. Happy Thoughts. Methuen, .
  26. Burton, Richard: trans. The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night with Introduction, Explanatory Notes on the Manners and Customs of Moslem Men and a Terminal Essay Upon the History of The Nights [together with] Supplemental Nights to the Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night with Notes Anthropological and Explanatory. 17 vols. Burton Club, nd. Printed for private subscribers only.
  27. Butler, Samuel. The Authoress of the Odyssey. Fifield, nd. Preface dated 1897.


  1. [Capasso, Aldo]. Testemonianza a Capasso. Gruppo, .
  2. [Chaucer, Geoffrey]. A Chaucer A. B. C. Being a Hymn to the Holy Virgin in an English Version by Geoffrey Chaucer fron the French of Guillaume de Deguilleville. Obelisk, .
  3. [Chaucer, Geoffrey]. The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Clarendon, .
  4. Cilly. Batavia. Psich, .
  5. Cilly. Terra di Sogno. Psich, .
  6. Collingwood, Stuart Dodgson. The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll. Nelson, nd. Preface dated 1898.
  7. Colum, Padraic. The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy. Macmillan, .
  8. Colum, Padraic. Castle Conquer. Macmillan, .
  9. Colum, Padraic. Dramatic Legends and Other Poems. Macmillan, .
  10. Colum, Padraic. The Road Round Ireland. Macmillan, .
  11. Comisso, Giovanni. Al vento dell' Adriatico. Ribet, .
  12. Corsi, Mario. Tamagno. Ceschina, .
  13. Crommelynck, Fernand. La cocu magnifique. Sirene, .
  14. Cropper, Rev. James, M. A. A Short Historical Sketch of S. Andrew's Parish Church, Penrith. Sweeten, nd.
  15. C[rosby,] C[aresse]. Poems for Harry Crosby. Black Suns, .
  16. Curzon, Henri de. Meyerbeer. Renouard, nd.


  1. D'Aguen, Laas. Dictionnaire Francais-Grec moderne. Freres, .
  2. d'Albe, Edmund E. Fournier. An English-Irish Dictionary and Phrase Book with Synonyms, Idioms, and the Genders and Declensions of Nouns. Gill, nd.
  3. D'Annunzio, Gabriele. Notturno. Treves, .
  4. D. Aurelii Augustini Hippo Episcopi Libri XIII Confessionum. Elzevirium, .
  5. de Bremont, Anna, Comtesse. Oscar Wilde and His Mother. Everett, .
  6. De Chambrun, Clara Longworth. Shakespeare Actor-Poet. Appleton, .
  7. de hartmann, Thomas. Six commentaires pour Ulysse de James Joyce pour chant et piano. Belaieff, .
  8. de la Serna Ramon Gomez. Seins. Cahiers, .
  9. de Miomandre, Francis. Samsara. Fourcade, .
  10. De Quincey, Thomas. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater: Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts, The English Mail-Coach, & a Selection from Suspiria de Profundis. Cassell, .
  11. Descroix, Jacques. La gynecocratie on la domination de la femme...precede d'una etude sur le masochisme dans l'histoire et les traditions par Laurent Tailhade. Carrington, .
  12. A Dictionary of Dates. Dent, .
  13. Doughty, Charles. Adam Cast Forth. Duckworth, .
  14. [Dowson, Ernest]. The Poems of Ernest Dowson. Lane, .
  15. Drinkwater, John. Charles James Fox. Bean, .
  16. Drinkwater, John. The Pilgrim of Eternity: Byron-A Conflict. Hodder, .
  17. Dublin Official Guide. Irish Tourist Association, nd. Map dated 1938.
  18. Duff, Charles. James Joyce and the Plain Reader. Harmsworth, .
  19. Duggan, Eileen. Poems. Allen, .
  20. Dujardin, Edouard. Le Dieu Jesus. Messein, .
  21. Dujardin Marie. Un de bonne famille. Mercure de France, .
  22. Dujardin Marie. La guerison immorale. Freres, .
  23. Dumiuholou, A. B. Basic English. Co-operative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the USSR, . A sixteen page pamphlet.


  1. Earp, T. W. Augustus John. Nelson, nd.
  2. Eckhoff, Lorentz. Forerne I var tids franske litteratur. Aschehoug, .
  3. Edel, Leon. James Joyce: The Last Journey. Gotham, . This book, apparently sent to the family after Joyce's death, contains on the end paper "Jolas.".
  4. Edwards, H. Sutherland. Gioachino Rossini - and His Successors. Sampson, nd.
  5. Eglington, John. Irish Literary Portraits. Macmillan, .
  6. Eglington, John. A Memoir of AE, George William Russell. Macmillan, .
  7. Eglington, John. Pebbles from a Brook. O'Grady, .
  8. Elliot, T. S. For Lancelot Andrewes: Essays on Style and Order. Faber, .
  9. Elliot, T. S. Homage to John Dryden: Three Essays on Poetry of the Seventeenth Century. Hogarth, .
  10. Elliot, T. S. Selected Essays -. Faber, .
  11. Elliot, T. S. Tierra Baldia. Cervantes, .
  12. Elliot, T. S. The Waste Land. Liveright, .
  13. Elson, Arthur. Modern Composers of Europe. Page, .
  14. English as She Is Spoke: Or a Jest in Sober Earnest. "Loaned by Jean Schlumberger to S. B.".
  15. English Miracle Plays: Moralities and Interludes. Clarendon, .


  1. Fargue, Leon-Paul. D'apres Paris. Nouvelle Revue Francaise, .
  2. Fargue, Leon-Paul. Epaisseurs. Nouvelle Revue Francaise, .
  3. Farnell, Goerge H., composer and arranger. National Airs. Banks Music, .
  4. Fellowes, Edmond H.: ed. The English School of Lutenist Song Writers. Stainer, .
  5. Les feuilles libres, hommage a Leon Paul Fargue Nos. 45-46. l'Etoile, .
  6. Ffrench, Rev. Canon J. F. M. Prehistoric Faith and Worship: Glimpses of Ancient Irish Life. Nutt, .
  7. [Figgis, Darrell]. The Return of the Hero by Michael Ireland. Chapman, .
  8. Fitzgerald, Edward. Euphranor and Other Miscellanies. Macmillan, .
  9. Fitzgerald, Edward. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Harrap, nd.
  10. Fiumi, Lionello. Survivances. "Sagesse", nd.
  11. Fleischman, Leon. Refractions. Liveright, .
  12. Flood, J. M. The Life of Chevalier Charles Wogan an Irish Soldier of Fortune. Talbot, .
  13. Ford, Ford Madox. Mister Bosphorus and the Muses. Duckworth, .
  14. Fornari, A. Poemes avec des dessins en couleurs. Chroniques du Jour, .
  15. Franklin, Benjamin. Autobiography. Dent, .
  16. Furst, Henry. Songs of Tokimarne. Privately Printed, .


  1. Gibbon, Edward. The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire. Dent, .
  2. Gide, Andre. La symphonie pastorale. Nouvelle Revue Francaise, .
  3. Gilbert, Stuart. James Joyce's Ulysses: A Study. Faber, .
  4. Gilbert, Stuart. James Joyce's Ulysses: A Study. Knopf, .
  5. Gilbert, Stuart. Das Ratsel Ulysses. Imrhein-Verlag, .
  6. Gillet, Louis. Stele pour James Joyce. Sagittaire, .
  7. Gillet, Louis: ed. Trois lettres du Mercure de France -. Champion, .
  8. Gillet, Louis: trans. Souvenirs de France par Rudyard Kipling. Grasset, .
  9. Giorgianni, Enio. Inchiesta su James Joyce. Epiloghi di Perseo, .
  10. Giraudoux, Jean. Elpenor. Freres, .
  11. Gogarty, Oliver St. John. Tumbling in the Hay. Constable, .
  12. Golding, Louis. James Joyce. Butterworth, .
  13. Golding, Louis. The Song of Songs. Corvinus, .
  14. [Goldsmith, Oliver]. The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith. Frowde, .
  15. Goll, Ivan. Lucifer vieillissant. Correa, .
  16. Gorman, Herbert S. James Joyce: His First Forty Years. Huebsch, .
  17. Goujon, Henri. L'expression du rhythme mental dans la melodie et dans la parole. Paulin, .
  18. Graduale sacrosanciae romanae ecclesiae de tempore et de sanctis SS. D. N PII X. Pontificus Maximi jussu restitutum et editum cui addita sunt festa novissima ad exemplar editionis typicae. Joannis Evangelisti, .
  19. Griffin, Gerald. Gabriele D'Annunzio, the Warrior Bard. Long, .
  20. Grose, Captain Francis. A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. Hooper, .
  21. Guidi, Ignazio. Storia della letteratura etiopica. l'Oriente, .
  22. Guinnes, Bryan. Twenty-three Poems. Duckworth, .
  23. Gunn, Selskar M. The Doings of Dinkie. Appleton-Century, .


  1. Hall, J. B. Random Records of a Reporter. Marshall, nd.
  2. Hamsun, Knut. Ved rigets port. Philipsens, .
  3. Hargrave, Basil. Origins and Meanings of Popular Phrases & Names Including Those Which Came Into Use During the Great War. Laurie, .
  4. Harrison, Jane Ellen. Mythology. Harrap, nd.
  5. Hart, Capt. Liddell && Storrs, Sir Ronald. Lawrence of Arabia. Corvinus, .
  6. Hart, Robert-Edward. Vingt-quatre chansons. Standard Printing, .
  7. Hauptmann, Gerhart. Michael Kramer. Fischer, .
  8. Hemingway, Ernest. A Farewell to Arms. Scribner's, .
  9. Henderson, Philip. The Novel Today. Bodley Head, .
  10. Heney, John. Before the Swallow Dares. Angus, .
  11. [Homer]. The Illiad of Homer. Macmillan, .
  12. [Homer]. The Odyssey of Homer. Oxford UP, .
  13. Hone, Joseph. The Life of George Moor With an Account of His Last Years by His Cook and Housekeeper Clara Warville. Gollancz, .
  14. [Hopewell, Frank]. The Oddity: A Poem of Near 250 Lines in One Continued Rhyme Being a Letter from a Sailor to his Sweet Heart. James Carson, .
  15. Hsiung, S. I. Lady Precious Stream: An Old Play Done into English According to Its Traditional Style. Methuen, .
  16. Huddleston, Sisley. In and About Paris. Methuen, .
  17. Hughes, Herbert: ed. Irish Country Songs: Versions Collected Chiefly from Singers in West Kerry. Boosey, nd.
  18. Hughes, Herbert: ed. The Joyce Book. Sylvan, .


  1. Ibsen, Henrik. Bygmester Solness. Gyldendal, .
  2. Ibsen, Henrik. The Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen. Heinemann, .
  3. Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll's House and Two Other Plays. Dent, .
  4. Ibsen, Henrik. John Gabriel Borkman. Gyldendal, .
  5. Ibsen, Henrik. Lille Eyolf. Gyldendal, .
  6. Ibsen, Henrik. Peer Gynt. Gyldendal, .
  7. Impey, S. P. Origin of the Bushmen and the Rock Paintings of South Africa. Juta, .


  1. Jaloux, Edmond. Au pays du roman. Correa, .
  2. Johnston, Denis. The Moon in the Yellow River and The Old Lady Says "No!": Two Plays. Cape, .
  3. Jolas, Maria: ed. A James Joyce Yearbook. Transition, .
  4. Jouhandeau, Marcel. Prudence Hautechaume. Nouvelle Revue Francaise, .
  5. Joyce, P. W. An Illustrated History of Ireland. Educational Co. of Ireland, .
  6. Joyce, P. W. The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places. Educational Co. of Ireland, .


  1. Kardec, Allan. La genese les miracles et les predictions selon le spiritisme. Sciences Psychologiques, .
  2. Karr, Alphonse. Voyage autour de mon jardin. Freres, .
  3. [Keats, John]. The Poetical Works of John Keats with a Memoir by the Right Hon. Lord Houghton. Moxon, .
  4. Kellett, E. E. The Northern Saga. Hogarth, .
  5. Klein, Herman. The Bel Canto with Particular Reference to the Singing of Mozart. Oxford UP, .


  1. Le Koran: qui est la Guidance et le Differenciateur. Mardrus, J. C.: trans. Fasquelle, .
  2. Kristensen, Tom. En Anden. Hagerups, .
  3. Kristensen, Tom. Haevaerk. Gyldendal, .


  1. Lamy, Thomas Josephus. Commentarium in librum geneseos. Dessain, .
  2. Larbaud, Valery. Allen, orne de bois originaux en couleurs par Paul Devaux. Lettres Francaises, .
  3. Larbaud, Valery. Amants, beureux amants... Nouvelle Revue Francaise, .
  4. Lavrin, Janko. Aspects of Modernism from Wilde to Pirandello. Nott, .
  5. Lecomte, Marcel. Le vertige du reel. Journal des Poetes, .
  6. The Legacy of Greece. Clarendon, .
  7. Leroy, Olivier. A Dictionary of French Slang. Harrap, .
  8. Levy-Bruhl, Lucien. L'ame primitive. Alcan, .
  9. Levy-Bruhl, Lucien. L'experience mystique et les symboles chez les primitifs. Alvan, .
  10. Lewis, Wyndham. The Caliph's Design: Architects! Where is Your Vortex? Egoist, .
  11. Lewisohn, Ludwig. Adam. Excelsior, .
  12. Lewisohn, Ludwig. The Case of Mr. Crump. Titus, .
  13. Le livre des prieres publiques, de l'administration des sacraments, et des autres rites et ceremonies de l'eglise, selon l'usage de l'eglise d'Angleterre... Connaissances Chretiennes, .


  1. Maitland, Margaret. Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours (316-397). Catholic Truth, .
  2. Manuale ordinandorum opusculum non ordinandis solum, sed et ordinatis praesertim sacerdotibus, utilissimum. Roger, .
  3. Marcaggi, P.: ed. Petit anthologie de la poesie italienne. Hatier, nd.
  4. Margaret Morris Dancing: A Book of Pictures. Paul, nd. Brochure on The Notation of Movement by Margaret Morris loosely inserted..
  5. Martin, Henry: ed. L'art japonais. Ducher, .
  6. Matharan, M. M. Casus de matrimonio fere quingenti quibus applicat et per quos explicat sua asserta moralia circa eamdem materiam. Retaux, . This is the most heavily marked of all the books in the Joyce library and obviously should be the subject of an independent study.--Connolly.
  7. McAlmon, Robert. A Companion Volume. Contact, nd.
  8. McGreevy, Thomas. Poems. Heinemann, .
  9. McGreevy, Thomas. Thomas Stearns Eliot: A Study. Chatto, .
  10. Mencken, Henry Louis. The American Language: An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States. Cape, .
  11. Menighedsbladet for Danske 1. 3 Aargang, November.. [A small pamphlet.]
  12. Mercator, Gerard. Royaume d'Islande. .
  13. Meyer, Hakon. Veier mal og midler. Eget, .
  14. Miller, James. The Three Women. Cape, .
  15. Milton, John. Comus. Cambridge UP, .
  16. Moller, Kai Friis. Gallionsfigurens sang og andre digte. Gyldendal, .
  17. Monnier, Adrienne. La figure. Amis des Livres, .
  18. Monnier, Adrienne. Les vertus. Generale d'Imprimerie, .
  19. Moore, George. Aphrodite in Aulis. Heinemann, .
  20. Moore, George. The Brook Kerith: A Syrian Story. Heinemann, .
  21. Moore, George. Vain Fortune. Scott, .
  22. Moore's Irish Melodies with the Celebrated and Unsurpassed Symphonies and Accompaniments of Sir John Stevenson and Sir Henry Bishop with a Biography of Thomas Moore and an Essay on the Music of Ireland. Ward, nd.
  23. 1Morse, B. J.. "Mr. Joyce and Shakespeare". Englische Studien. A bound offprint of the article apparently sent to Joyce by the author.
  24. Myers, Rollo H. Modern Music, Its Aims and Tendencies. Paul, nd.


  1. Newman, John Henry, Cardinal. Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations. Longmans, .
  2. New Testament Apocryphal Writings. Dent, .
  3. Nichols, Elizabeth Berger. The Vintage. Privately published, .
  4. Nijinsky, Romola: ed. The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky. Gollancz, .


  1. Obras del mistico doctor San juan de la Cruz. Pelaez, -.
  2. O'Brien, Flann. At Swim-Two-Birds. Longmans, .
  3. O'Faolain, Sean. A Purse of Coppers: Short Stories. Cape, .
  4. O'Flaherty, Liam. Red Barbara and Other Stories: The Mountain Taver, Prey, The Oar. Gaige, .
  5. Ogden, C. K. Basic English: A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar. Paul, .
  6. Ogden, C. K. Brighter Basic: Examples of Basic English for Young Persons of Taste and Feeling. Paul, .
  7. Ogden, C. K. Debabelization with a Survey of Contemporary Opinion on the Problem of a Universal Language. Paul, .
  8. O'Kelly, Seumas. The Weaver's Grave. Talbot, nd.
  9. O'Sullivan, Maurice. Twenty Years A-growing. Chatto, .
  10. Our Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress. Shakespeare, .
  11. Our Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress. Shakespeare, . Second copy.
  12. The Oxford Book of English Prose. Clarendon, .


  1. Tabori, Pal: ed. Amerika uj liraja antologia a mai amerikai koltok verseibol. Janos, .
  2. Palamas, Kostes. Poems. Hazell, .
  3. Pearce, Charles E. Sims Reeves: Fifty Years of Music in England. Paul, .
  4. Pearse, Mrs. Godfrey && Hird, Frank. The Romance of a Great Singer: A memoir of Mario. Smith, .
  5. Perse, St. J. Anabase. Nouvelle Revue Francaise, .
  6. Perse, St. J. Anabase. Nouvelle Revue Francaise, . Second copy.
  7. [Petrarca, Francesco]. Le rime de Franceso Petrarca e la vita scritta da lui medesimo. Salani, .
  8. Petrucci, Raphael. Les peintres chinois. Renouard, nd.
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