James Joyce's Zurich Library

"The first problem that one must confront in this type of investigation involves the separation of Zurich titles from other texts which are part of the Trieste catalogue but which were not consulted by Joyce once he had begun Ulysses. The most obvious way to identify the Zurich books is through their copyright dates. Joyce arrived in Zurich in June of 1915, but since he had begun writing his novel well before that date I have assumed that any copyright date or inscription of 1915 or later denotes a book acquired after composition of Ulysses had started. (This, of course, includes the books he may have acquired during his seven and one-half months in Trieste, 1919-1920). In addition to this evidence, Ellmann has identified a number of other texts as having been purchased by Joyce while in Zurich [marked with a dagger (†)]. Together these two groups make up the body of works which we can say with assurance Joyce had at his disposal while writing Ulysses.

"Books which are not physically present in his collection but which we know Joyce owned through evidence in letters or from other sources will be noted by an asterisk (*) and the sources cited."



1Gillsepie, Michael Patrick. "Appendix A: Books Joyce Owned in Zurich". Inverted Volumes Improperly Arranged: James Joyce and His Trieste Library. UMI, . 93 - 96